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I started to collect some information about OpenCL & CUDA, to toy around in my free time.

It seems to give a powerfull tool for numerical compputation and simulation. Here are some well adapted toy projects to test OpenCL:

  • neural networks
  • data fitting
  • ray tracing
  • ...
  • basically, all data computation that can be expressed as vector math with big vectors

OpenCL or CUDA ?

Nvidia CUDA/OpenCL page

A tutorial that goes into some depth

OpenCL specs and hearder files This is actually the standards commitee defining the spec.

Dr. Dobbs article

List of CUDA enabled GPU's. DrDobbs article has some info on the choice of GPU

Doc on opencl on embedded. Nokia has some paper on it. Not sure it's supported on my N900

ars technica about the state of standardisation at OpenCL 1.1. Note that OpenCL 1.1 has C++ wrappers!

The basics is to write a C99 kernel that should do the computation, copy the data to the GPU device memory, launch the computation through the kernel on the GPU. And then, get the data back to main memory.

Note that for display, the computation can be done on the GPU with OpenCL and then transfered to OpenGL for display (as vertexarrays), which makes it unnecessary to copy the data back, this is better for visual simulation.


short C implementation tutorial

Adventures in OpenCL

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