DVB-T in Geneva with Kaffeine on Debian Sid

Here is what I did to try to get DVB-T work on Debian with Kaffeine.

Hardware setup

I use an ASUS 7134 PCI tuner card. Copy the firmware file to /lib/firmware. It's a file called dvb-fe-tda10046.fw There was a script in the linux source to get the firmware file.

Scan for channels

The tool w_scan in the w-scan package scans for all channels without needing some pretuning file.

w_scan -x -c FR >> ch-Geneva w_scan -x -c CH >> ch-Geneva

For Kaffeine 1.0, copy the content of this file to a section titled [ch-Geneva] in ~/.kde/share/apps/kaffeine/scanfile.dvb

Start kaffeine, select this in the television configuration and run a channel scan.

Some french channels now appear in the channel selection! Seems to be working, although the reception is still poor at my place.

Some info is available on the kaffeine forum

  • Created: 12/02/12 10:32
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