Bamboo Wacom Fun Pen & Touch Second Edition

Trying to get a Wacom tablet to work on Linux Ubuntu Maverick.

Following the Linux-Wacom howto. I couldn't get it to work with the tools from the distribution. It seems that the current wacom kernel driver doesn't recognize the USB product ID for my wacom tablet. (The model is CTH-661/L, the L is not visible in the USB signature of lsusb). The productID is 00db. All the PPA packages I found for wacom and on the linuxWacom sourceforge project don't contain this product ID. From what I understand, it has been merged into the mainline kernel in version 2.6.37.

Using the mainline kernel, the kernel recognises the table.

Next step is to get it working with X.

After some trial and error, I recompiled the xf86-input-wacom driver from the linux wacom project. Installing it and restarting X finally got it working.

It still is a bit jumpy and might need some configurations. (clicking on the buttons make the cursors jump)

  • Created: 12/02/12 10:32
  • Modified: 12/02/12 10:32