Shared calendar on my webserver


Being able to share my calendar - and if possible, contacts - between my various machines and operating systems, namely:

  • phone, currently a Nokia N900, using Maemo, it's getting old and unstable, so might soon change, probably for an android machine
  • tablet: ASUS Transformer Prime, using Android
  • home desktop computer: Debian GNU/linux, using KDE desktop, with the KDE PIM suite as organiser
  • work laptop: Microsoft Windows 7, using thunderbird with the lighning extension

I currently only use my phone for the calendar, phone contact and todo list and the other machines for email contacts, with the same imap server, and clients that are smart enough to make a contact list for auto-complete.

I'd like to have that better organised and shared between my other machine. Which basically means "cloud". But I don't want to have all my private information centralised on Google's services with me loosing all control over it and having Google use it for their own marketing purposes.


I have to provide my own cloud. After some research, what seems to be working is to setup a CalDAV server. As I run a small server on a sheevaplug, I don't want to install a heavyweight server. I tried two:

  1. Apple's calendarserver
  2. radicale

calendarserver was available as a package under Debian, but after installing, I was pretty much on my own. Couldn't find any documentation and understand how to sest it up. It might be easy, but I didn't find the first pointer to wrap my head around it.

Then, I tried Radicale, which is written in Python and comes with it's own integrated server or can be run through WSGI with flup, which I use for all the other services on my server with lighttpd. I could run it easily and added a calendar in Thunderbird.

I'm now in the process to set it up under lighttpd. A note will follow on that.

  • Created: 01/05/12 13:18
  • Modified: 01/05/12 13:18