In search of tools to build a CMS

After trying out TurboGears 2.1 to build my own CMS, I found it a bit too much work to reinvent the wheel for to get all the functionalities I want. I'd need some Wordpress like fucntionalities, but don't want to install a full fledged CMS in a language I don't like (PHP). I'd like to be able to hack easily the code, to make experiments and integrate some specific applications to it (see my sudoku page).

So I list here my specifications


  • content:
  • articles
  • some specialised pages (about, etc...)

  • editor

  • markup

  • tags

  • tag index, list
  • cloud
  • calendar view
  • statistics

  • comments

  • captcha
  • openID
  • logged in users
  • mail on comment
  • list of last comments

  • search

  • human readable URLs
  • by title
  • by date
  • multiple users with visibility/permissions
  • images
  • photo gallery
  • video integration (youtube links)
  • integration of new stuff
  • plugins ?
  • specialised pages ?
  • for sudoku, javscript experiments
  • sheevaplug server generated statistics

  • RSS

  • code syntax highlight
  • python based:
  • for maintenance and specialisation
  • easily hackable, readable code
  • should handle AJAX to be able to do some modern Web2.0 toying around


  • multilanguage
  • versioning
  • categories
  • votes
  • bookmark collection
  • todo list manager with calendar
  • CVS tool integration

Approch to a solution

  1. CMS with plugins
  2. good framework with a lot of libs apps etc to get quickly to result
  3. CMS library

Survey of what exists


I tried with this, I don't really see any good CMS based on that. No big community and apps that are usefull for me now.

There is oen CMS based on it (ACR and ACR lib) but seems a bit to small to have the dynamics for my purpose, which needs a community big enough to have a good ecosystem of apps and plugins if I don't want to program everything by myself.


On par with TurboGears, its a we development framework. I chose TG2 over it at first for its flexibility, but considering I don't have time to put enough work in it, the Django "Batteries Included" approach might be better.

There are some CMS and CMS libraries build over Django. A comparison is available here.


Django CMS

Seems like a fairly complete CMS that can be extended. The most widespread Django based CMS.


Looks a bit too heavyweight. It's more a structure to integrate various web apps in one interface, from what I red.


Looks like a nice framework, with nice support, but doesn't look very widespread.

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